Mia Kalin is the new hope of the USA in figure skating.

Thirteen-year-old figure skater from the United States Mia Kalin claims to be the leader of world figure skating. Right now, the American woman has two quadruple jumps and a run on other ultra-si elements in her arsenal. In the USA, they cannot get enough of the child prodigy trained by a specialist from Russia, and they believe that Kalin is the future of the country’s figure skating.

Fans of figure skating have been following the success of Mia Kalin for several years now. The most attentive noticed that the potential of this girl is very high, and even the results at the tournaments will not convince them of this. Kalin in the 2021/22 season became sixth at the US Junior Championships, she couldn’t take a higher place at the stages of the Grand Prix series, but this is all nonsense compared to what Mia is capable of in the future… Experts and fans are sure .

And she is capable of two quadruple jumps at the age of 13. The commercial Skate Milwaukee tournament in the United States would have passed by the eyes of Russian figure skating fans if Kalin had not jumped a quad and double toe loop combination, as well as a solo quad toe loop, and made people talk about herself as the main leader of the world figure in the future.

American fans are delighted – that’s what they write under the video from Kalin’s free program.

“The influence of the Eteri team is noticeable. This could be the light at the end of the tunnel for American single skaters. The current school of figure skating in the US simply does not work. We need quads and triples to be competitive.”

“It’s nice to see American skaters trying quads. Even her attire and general look has “Vib Eteri”!

“Let’s hope she gets some support from the US Figure Skating Federation. It’s great to see a budding American figure skater who can do multiple quad jumps, which is the new reality in women’s figure skating, whether you like it or not.”

By the way, Kalin’s single sheepskin coat was under-rotated by a quarter, so Miya remained only second at the Skate Milwaukee. Following 14-year-old Isabeau Levito is another hope for US women’s singles. Before them, Alice Liu was considered the prodigy of American figure skating, who, unexpectedly for many, decided to leave the sport at the age of 16 – immediately after the Beijing Olympics. Liu decided to focus on her studies and family at the very moment when her prospects in the international arena increased several times after the suspension of the Russian team.

Now Levito and Kalin will fight for a place under the sun. The second will be assisted by Vadim Shebeko, a Russian specialist, assisted by compatriot choreographers Ilona Melnichenko and Evgenia Chernyshova. Shebeko started working with Kalin when she was 5.5 years old. According to the specialist, Mia was very focused on training, and he “saw where the Russian girls were heading,” and decided to reveal the possibilities of the skater.

“We made it, but all along the way, Mia and I were always talking about what should be next. So when we started with the quad salchow and sheepskin coat, it wasn’t a “solution” or any kind of suggestion, it was just the next step in our progress that we knew we’d take. Miya was very happy about this, as she was always striving for new goals,” Shebeko said.

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