Evan Bates on not getting a medal at the 2022 Olympics because of Valiyeva’s doping: “I was disappointed when we were in Beijing and 11 months later I have the same feeling”.

American figure skaters Evan Bates, Alexa Knirim and Brandon Fraser commented on the progress of the investigation into the doping case of Russian Kamila Valiyeva.

At the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, the U.S. team finished second in the team standings, behind the Russian skaters. But the awards ceremony was not held because of the anti-doping investigation that began against Valieva.

“I was disappointed when we were in Beijing, and unfortunately 11 months later I have exactly the same feeling,” Bates said.

“There was disappointment because we couldn’t get medals with the team,” Fraser said.

“But that was 11 months ago. There’s nothing we can do about it,” Knirim added.

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