Katharina Witt advocated the return of Russian athletes to the international arena: “It is vital to shake hands.

Katharina Witt advocated for Russian athletes to return to the international arena.

The two-time Olympic figure skating champion is an ambassador for the Special Olympics, which will be held in June in the German capital.

Witt emphasized that art, culture and especially sports have always brought people together.

“We speak the same language, for which you don’t need a dictionary.

What good is it if Russians and Belarusians with disabilities can’t attend competitions in Berlin?” – said the former figure skater in an interview with Welt am Sonntag.

According to the German, it is wrong to suspend athletes because of the political differences of their governments.

Recalling her own sports past, Witt said that skaters from the GDR, the Soviet Union, the United States, Canada, the FRG, and France met after competitions and wondered, “Why can’t those in power treat each other as like-minded as we do?”

“Unless communication is established on a civil, human basis, I fear that walls will be erected again for a long time in the minds of too many people. It is vital to shake hands, and it doesn’t matter at what level,” Witt noted.

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