This news shocked everyone. Details of Yuzuru Hanyu’s “IF” program

According to a column by photographer Taguchi Yukihito in GQ, Yuzuru Hanyu choreographed “If” all by himself from scratch.

Of course he did, it was immediately obvious. It’s too bad he’ll be replacing her in the B-tour. We haven’t seen enough.

But in the B-Thur, I’m sure there will be another masterpiece, and I’m glad about that.

He made himself, keeps improving himself, and that’s why he’s Yuzuru Hanyu.

Such choreography only Yuzuru Hanyu can embody, based on his unique abilities…

Yuzuru Hanyu proves, as always, that he is a genius in everything!!! And he’s moving forward by leaps and bounds! If is a stunner, with lots of details, and you want to watch it over and over again. But on tour B personally, I want a lyrical beauty. Although I’m not sure it fits with Yuzuru Hanyu’s current inner worldview… Maybe he’ll go on about struggling with himself and his circumstances.

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