On the second day of Fantasy on Ice 2023, Yuzuru Hanyu performed his quad toe loop.

Information digest for the second day of the Fantasy on Ice 2023 show in Makuhari today.

Yuzuru Hanyu was very excited today, doing the same usual appearance routine that he usually does before the start of his rolls at competitions. In the opener, he did a beautiful quadruple toe loop with a leg swing after. After the jump, he actively threw up his right arm with a clenched fist. Yuzuru Hanyu’s volley was very fast today. The “SEAL” moment was repeated, the audience could almost hear the “meow”. Yuzuru Hanyu high-fived Arakawa again with both hands.

In his personal “If” number, Yuzuru expressed his emotions more intensely today. The audience felt his anguish and pain. Leaving backstage, Yuzuru Hanyu took off his jacket, the audience was ecstatic and shouted like crazy.

In the finale of the show, Yuzuru Hanyu did a hydroblade with both hands on the ice, then kissed the ice, as he does in “Spring, Come.” Yuzuru Hanyu also performed a quadruple toe + triple axel + triple toe (or rittberger) combination. After Yuzuru Hanyu landed a triple Axel, he turned around on the ice, as he lost his balance a bit on landing. He paid attention to the audience on each side of the rink. The audience actively sang the chorus of the final song and repeated the choreographed movements with their hands.

David Wilson also joined the participants of the show for a general photo shoot. During it, Yuzuru Hanyu stood in the center of the last row, next to Javier Fernandez. Before that, Tanaka-san, the photographer, tried to take a picture of Yuzuru Hanyu from the ice, but he took the snow off the blades of his skates and threw it at him. Yuzuru Hanyu is mischievous today.

The director of Yuzuru Hanyu’s solo show “The Gift” Mikiko-sensei was among the audience today.

Yuzuru Hanyu gave a little comment. “In figure skating, I strive for unique performances that only Yuzuru Hanyu can show. And from now on, day after day, I will put in the effort and keep trying.”

Yuzuru Hanyu is a star. Well, earthquakes are scary… Better without them… Good luck Fantasia! May all be well!

Yuzuru Hanyu is awesome!!! Free and confident!!! Confident that he is loved!!! How to wait until Sunday to see Yuzuru Hanyu’s opening, closing and performance in all its glory.

How he fell in twine at the end. And the lights went out. How did the photographers manage to photograph him so quickly.

The performances that are inherent to Yuzuru Hanyu… these are performances that evoke emotions and delight the audience, this is a combination of elements that only he performs, this is beauty, lightness, grace and perfection of movements; and it is also the joy of seeing him happy to be on the ice, bathed in love and attention of fans, with all eyes fixed on him, happy to show what he has been working on in training and happy to be surrounded by spectators.
Thank you Yuzuru Hanyu for these performances!

Yes! Yuzuru Hanyu was on fire today!!! I wonder what kind of mood he will be in tomorrow. I hope he’s in a great mood, and will rock out again in spite of the live broadcast!!! If – it’s just an explosion, fire, unbridled outburst of emotion!!! Twine at the end, and with such a swing – just wow!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow.

God, what a beautiful, easy quad, with a long soft exit! Aesthetics in its purest form, balm for the soul.
Yesterday he didn’t want a quad, but Yuzuru Hanyu wouldn’t be Yuzuru Hanyu if he didn’t beat him.

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