Fantasy on Ice 2023 training with Yuzuru Hanyu started today

And now the first pictures have already appeared. Nobunari Oda posted a fresh photo with Yuzuru Hanyu on his Twitter page.

Thank you Nobunari Oda for the traditional first news from Fantasy On Ice rehearsals.
I can’t wait to see the new program!!! Finally! The familiar pleasant feeling of butterflies again! Excitement) And anticipation!

And really hope he’s rested both physically and mentally. With Yuzuru Hanyu, time goes backwards. He keeps getting younger and younger. Immensely happy to see the magical Yuzuru Hanyu again!
Just looking at the camera, his heart sinks. But for some reason, it seems like Yuzuru Hanyu’s eyes are sad… It’s so sad when you see him sad or very tired… But it’s still so nice to see him!!!

His cheeks are sunken and he has lost weight again! I hope all is well with his health and mood. Have a great time Yuzuru Hanyu. Let the fans bathe in love with the best skater in the world.

Such a cute photo, finally Yuzuru Hanyu… The eyes are very sad… That’s the first thing that caught my eye… I really want to believe I’m imagining it. But you can’t take your eyes anywhere… Unfortunately… You guys are handsome. Smiling!!! Yuzuru Hanyu isn’t smiling today, sadly…

It’s good to see them both Yuzuru Hanyu and Nobunari Oda. There are so many like-minded people and friends in the sport involved in the upcoming show and the sea of positivity and positive emotions and of course the endless love of the audience and fans will give a lot of strength to our Yuzuru Hanyu.

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