The demonstration performance of Kamila Valieva Wednesday conquered the whole world.

The number of Kamila Valieva at the demonstration performances after the Russian Championship became a real cherry on the cake. And not only because the vice-champion of the country came up with a new program, unlike many other skaters who skated old productions. A student of Eteri Tutberidze performed a really cool number! He is actively discussed on social networks abroad, excerpts from the performance are kept in TikTok trends, and Camila herself is praised for her artistry and gorgeous skating.

It is not surprising that this demonstration program became the most discussed and brightest at the gala evening after the Russian Championship. Moreover, Valieva and her number literally blew up the Internet. To this, Camila modestly remarked that this was the goal:

“The number blew up the entire Network? In fact, this is what we were trying to achieve. It’s super! I am very interested in trying myself in this image, so I hope that there will be many more. Do you have a dream to dance to some music or in some image? Don’t know. I have a dream to skate a program to some modern music, ”Valiyeva said on the air of the Good Morning program on Channel One.

this number drew attention and abroad. He is actively discussed on social networks, and the number of views of videos on TikTok featuring Camila in the image of Wednesday has exceeded 35 million!

But Camila is well known not only among figure skating fans on social networks. Foreign media also wrote about her and her chic demonstration number. In particular, the most popular American magazine Billboard! In the material, the figure skater herself is called sensational, and her choreography is impeccable.

“The 16-year-old sensation showed off a dance inspired by the show, down to the hand movements, a gothic evening dress and long black braids. While the vocals of Lux Interior sounded, Valieva demonstrated impeccably performed choreography, and the audience in the stands applauded to the beat, ”the note says.

Another American publication, Today, praised the figure skater’s program, noting that Camila managed to recreate the image of Wednesday: “She looked exactly like the main character of the Netflix series. Kamila Valieva gave the judges a dark and gloomy number at the 2023 Russian Figure Skating Championships, performing a version of Jenna Ortega’s popular dance from Wednesday on Ice.

And on Brazilian television they even showed a whole story, where there were excerpts from Camila’s speech. At the end, the presenter summed up by saying “Wonderful!” about Valieva’s program.

The material of the Dutch edition Nieuwsblad says that the figure skater made a splash with her revealing number: “the Russian repeated the image of the heroine of the Netflix series and gave it her all to the composition of Lady Gaga.” And apparently, this is just the beginning. Camila’s program has already been seen in many countries, but this is definitely not the limit.

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