On the third day of FaOI 2023, Yuzuru Hanyu’s accessories mysteriously disappeared.

Today was the third day of fantasy on ice 2023 in Makahuri.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s jumps in the final show.
Fourth Touloupe, Triple Axel, oiler – Triple Salchow – oiler – Triple Rietberger. Yuzuru Hanyu at Fantasy on Ice 2023 in Makuhari today.

It’s the kind of combination he hasn’t jumped before at any show. Yuzuru Hanyu is an innovator as always.

The story of another missing Yuzuru Hanyu accessory at Fantasy On Ice.
It looks like he unbuttoned twice or got lost in his clothes.
Thanks to Arakawa for the return of Yuzuru Hanyu’s feather.

It seems to be becoming a Fantasy On Ice tradition to lose a bracelet or a pendant… It’s a good thing the missing pieces are found immediately. It’s probably because Yuzuru Hanyu changes very quickly like a meteor….

Yuzuru Hanyu’s solo performance at Fantasy on Ice 2023, performed on the last, third day of the show in Makuhari. Made an impression on the audience.
Music: “If…” ISSA and Kimi.

A very interesting start to the program with the libella. A lot of dancing, it is clear that Yuzuru Hanyu is passionate about it now, and as he said, he is perfecting it. In this program, you want to view and consider over and over again every piece, including the costume, the corset lacing on the jacket and the beads on the pants is something!

What a frightening thing for me is the back-to-front skew fare. It seems easy to fall off such a thing, you almost lose your balance. Yuzuru Hanyu has a nice bend, I can’t remember if I’ve done that before?

Yuzuru Hanyu is not looking for an easy way out. He chose a composition with essentially two vocal parts, and played them both. Two choreographed parts are visible. One in robot-puppet plastique, the other in a “rebel man” kind of way. Perhaps it has something to do with the meaning of the song.

I’ve always felt bad that Yuzuru Hanyu didn’t skate much in the modern style. He’s an ace at it, his body language is amazing.

It’s a great program✌ Yuzuru Hanyu’s dancing skills are improving day by day! The footwork is amazing! The whole body work is wow! He is playing every note, every accent! There are so many great tricks that you really get hooked on. Yuzuru Hanyu’s charisma and his awesome skating outshines everything!

A very strong number. He doesn’t have any passable ones, but this one is something else. He is so well thought out in every detail, not a single unnecessary movement, super.

I couldn’t see this new feat by Yuzuru Hanyu the first time, it was too strong and impossible to grasp. Quick sharp turns, geometrically flickering movements in tune with the sound, causing an admiring “ah!…” spins with a smooth downfall of the arms – …. extraordinary. “Like flowing rain, like a flowing flower,” Yumin sings, and Yuzuru Hanyu’s gliding is just as fresh and poetic. You can watch it relentlessly and fall in love more and more each time you see it. Thank you!

Revisit and revisit! It’s a tough song to skate through: the lyrics change to rap and back, the tempo changes. But Yuzuru Hanyu is brilliant as always! Definitely in the treasury of my most favorite programs! And the costume is great, especially the lacing on the back of the jacket!

Yuzuru Hanyu surprised me again, surprised and amazed me. During the performance, I had goosebumps running down my spine. I think it was the combination of lyrics and rap that had an amazing effect! And of course the artistry of Yuzuru Hanyu!
You can just watch and not breathe. It’s amazingly beautiful! Amazing Yuzuru Hanyu again… Thank you for this beauty!

Yuzuru Hanyu’s ride melted the ice! The audience in the hall is wildly ecstatic! And so are we!

To do such a thing on the ice, it must be a skill to skate!!! Skating was quite enough, quite enough! The beginning of such that you are immediately stunned! And the jumps! It was something incredible. It’s so fast, it’s so fast, it’s… my jaw is on the floor again… Yuzuru Hanyu, How can you make fun of fans like that? Can he really do it again? Jumping like that! Somebody recently said to watch out for injuries. And who’s being careful? He’s just flying.

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