A wonderful concert full of love and respect for Yuzuru Hanyu!

Asahi showed the “Music with Wings” concert with orchestral versions of the compositions to which Yuzuru Hanyu performed and performs.

this is happiness for life! Thank you to the musicians for feeling so deeply and conveying the wonder of creativity.

What a great influence on your emotional state true music has, and in tandem with Yuzuru Hanyu’s skating it is immense happiness! I want to watch his masterpieces again, and I will do it. Thank you for the concert!

Witchy music, meant to be a champion skating, and this number will show it’s worth.

I hope that one day Yuzuru Hanyu will lift the curse from Origin as well.

Amazing… What great taste Yuzuru Hanyu has in the choice of music, after all… What a beautiful orchestra and performance!

I’ve always wanted to hear Yuzuru Hanyu’s music performed live.

It was absolutely marvelous.

What other athlete can inspire a whole concert of music for his programs? And it’s not the first time!!!

An amazing concert, performed with so much love and respect for Yuzuru Hanyu! The second part is just a healing band-aid for my soul!

I listened with great pleasure! Beautiful orchestra, soloists and singer!!! And of course the wonderful music from Yuzuru Hanyu’s programs!!! Yuzuru Hanyu has amazing taste!!!

One thought on “A wonderful concert full of love and respect for Yuzuru Hanyu!

  1. Is it me or is Hanyu Yuzuru-san loved even more now that when he was competing. Say what you want about him, but there will never be a greater figure skater that Hanyu Yuzuru-san.

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