Yuzuru Hanyu did not appear at the Japan Federation of Special Achievement Awards

It was announced today at the annual ceremony hosted by the Skating Federation of Japan that the award for special achievement and contribution to the promotion and development of their sport goes to Yuzuru Hanyu and skater Nao Kodaira. Both athletes announced the end of their amateur careers last year.

Nao Kodaira is the 2018 Olympic 500-meter champion, the 2010 Olympic team race silver medalist and the 2018 Olympic 1000-meter medalist, a two-time world champion in the sprint all-around and a two-time world 500-meter champion.

In addition, the pair of Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara and speed skater Miho Takagi received the MVP award as the most important, valuable athletes of the year.

Isn’t that why Yuzuru Hanyu was suddenly in Toronto? “Thank you, send it in the mail.” And why would Yuzuru Hanyu be preparing for fantasi on ice in Toronto? He has a home rink, and he’s been putting on programs remotely since 2000 (and that was for competitions, including for Beijing)‼So I guess he certainly didn’t need to go to cricket for the show. I’m not saying that Yuzuru Hanyu wanted to be away from Japan at this time and receive the award by mail. But the reason for being in Toronto right now is only in Yuzuru’s mind.

Has the Japanese Federation come to its senses? When a hole appeared in the budget they decided to try to improve their renown? You should have thought of that earlier… Last year after the press conference when Yuzuru Hanyu came to write an application to start a professional career and leave the federation, they did not even say thank you and goodbye… Let them send the award in the mail. And try to survive on their own…

2 thoughts on “Yuzuru Hanyu did not appear at the Japan Federation of Special Achievement Awards

  1. I feel so sad that he is leaving. He will probably never skate again for anyone but the Japanese. I still have not seen Gift nor have I been able so see other performances because his skating shows never seem to come to the U.S. 😭😭

  2. Wasn’t he in Canada at the time of the award presentations? And why is JSF suddenly awarding him, what do they want from him now? Is it because they are in a deficit and are hoping that he will bail them out with special appearances or something?

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