Figure skaters Alyona Kostornaya and Georgy Kunitsa are engaged and planning a wedding

As it became known, skaters Alyona Kostornaya and Georgy Kunitsa are engaged and planning a wedding. Last fall, Kunitsa and Kostornaya became doubles skating partners.
The relationship between the pair began when they went to rehearsals together in St. Petersburg. Kunitsa and Kostornaya are in coach Sergei Rosliakov’s group, and the duo is set to make their debut on the competition ice next season.

After this news, skaters Alyona Kostornaya and Georgy Kunitsa themselves announced their engagement.

“Oops… The intrigue didn’t work out. (Thank you very much, dear journalists)

✨15.05.2023✨ will really be remembered not only that we are officially a new sports couple, but also the proposal made by Gosha above the clouds.

Dear, respected journalist friends, just don’t forget to invite Gosha and me to our wedding,” wrote the European champion Kostornaya in the social network.

Alena Kostornaya told how she reacted to a marriage proposal from George Kunitsa.

-How exactly did Gosha propose?

-Beautifully – in a balloon.

-Did you expect that? Did you say “yes” right away?

-I began to suspect something when Gosha started running away from me so I wouldn’t get into his bag. I always put my phone in it before, and then I asked him why he took it.

“Yes,” I answered immediately, because I realized a long time ago that this was the right person, and I definitely wouldn’t change my mind.

-What were your first emotions?

-Shock and joy. I fell into a slight stupor, but I didn’t cry,” Kostornaya said.

Figure skater Georgy Kunitsa told when he decided to propose to Alena Kostornaya.

-Gosha, what is the role of my pressure? In our interview on the YouTube channel “Without Water,” I (Alla Shishkina) asked if you would propose to Alena.

-There was no pressure from you, because you had already bought the rings and planned everything beforehand.

-And when did you decide to propose?

-A couple of months ago.

-Why on a balloon?

-I like to be creative about everything. It seemed very romantic and unusual. Not in Paris, on the Eiffel Tower, it means in a balloon.

-Weren’t you afraid of hearing “no”?

-I was. Very nervous,” Kunitz said.

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