Kamila Valieva is hated for being overweight.

Each off-season, one of the most important topics among figure skating fans is the discussion of the weight of figure skaters. Moreover, as a rule, people do not choose expressions when they write comments, and do not think at all about the consequences that their negativity can lead to.

Now the focus, of course, is on the leaders of women’s single skating – Kamila Valieva, Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova. And about each of the girls you can find hateful statements, from reading which the hair rises on end.

First of all, I would like to remind you that in the midst of the competition, especially before such serious and decisive tournaments as the Olympics, any athlete aimed at fighting for gold medals follows a strict diet.

Anya, Sasha and Camila were clearly no exception here. The girls dried themselves as much as possible for the Games in Beijing in order to perform as best as possible, to feel light and confident on the jumps.

However, it is impossible to maintain such weight all the time, not to mention the fact that it is harmful to health and stress for the whole organism.

It’s off-season in figure skating right now. This is the time when skaters can afford to relax for a while, exhale after a busy season (and the Olympic season is twice as exhausting) and gain strength.

Of course, during this period of time, the body, after the stress experienced, will try to make up for the losses, and with a decrease in physical activity, weight gain is inevitable.
Why focus on such natural processes? Why is it necessary to report under each photo how the skater allegedly swam with fat and began to look bad? Especially when in reality these girls do not even weigh 50 kg, and the BMI calculator (body mass index) is likely to determine underweight.

Among other things, figure skaters themselves are constantly complex about their weight. How many sad stories have we heard from the lips of athletes who were worried about every 100 grams gained? And how many of these stories have not been voiced publicly?

Knowing how painful the topic of excess weight can be for any skater, isn’t it better to keep silent, not to put pressure on a sore spot? Especially when it comes to young girls who, deep down, can have a hard time experiencing such statements addressed to them.

Any athlete knows better than anyone what her working weight is, whether she needs to lose weight or how much she needs to lose.

That is why we want the fans to be kinder and more attentive towards our athletes. There is no need to spray poison and write offensive comments that the skaters themselves can read. We do not want to develop unnecessary complexes in girls, bring them to anorexia and harm their health?

One thought on “Kamila Valieva is hated for being overweight.

  1. They had their couple seasons of relevancy, and now they let loose and got fat, and will be dumped by next season as younger, better girls enter the senior circuit. They’re all dispensable. They broke their bodies and ingested random substances for a bit of fame and money. Sad.

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